Customer Testimonials

“I have been doing business with George Sayegh Trucking for over 30 years.  Once I turn paperwork over to them I don’t need to worry or follow up on the status of the shipment; on the contrary, they will keep me advised and even point out any errors with the paperwork or situations at the CFS Stations.  I have not come across anyone else with this sense of integrity, professionalism and dependability regardless of the size of the shipment.  All shipments are picked up as soon as available and POD provided as soon as delivery is made.  As a broker, I am grateful for this kind of support in servicing our accounts.”

Marge Carlsson, Licensed Customs Broker, GIF Services Inc.

“I have worked with George Sayegh Trucking Co., Inc. for 18+ years and have found them to be the best value in the domestic logistics arena.  As our strategic partner, Sayegh Trucking became an extension of our traffic department. They have the ability and desire to work with our freight forwarders to reduce “time to market,” avoid chargeback, and ensure accurate delivery to the end user.  We switched all our public warehousing to them, and we found our customer satisfaction rating went through the roof.”

Rick Conn, CFO, Cosmetech Mably International, Division of Alcan


"I have been employed by Compass Industries for 28 years and George Sayegh Trucking Co. has been our trucker for more than 50 years. When I first started here, George senior was semi-retired, and George Jr. and Robert were running the company. The two sons were brought up in the trucking business and carry on the same traditions that their father instilled in them - excellent service, integrity beyond reproach, and reliabilty - all at fair prices. If I need a special favor or special handling of a shipment, there is never a question, George & Robert will do their best to satisfy my every need. It has been my pleasure to have met both of them from a business and personal standpoint. I am sure that our two companies will be doing business for at least another 50 years."

Paul Bromberg, General Manager,  Compass Industries  


"Cosmetech Mably International would not hesitate to recommend George Sayegh Trucking for all your freight and warehousing needs. Their prompt, detailed, courteous, and innovative service is second to none. The staff is a pleasure to work with and they always give us excellent service. We often say in our office, "George Sayegh knows more about our freight and inventory than we do!"

Scott Ahern, Assistant Controller, Cosmetech Mably Int'l., Division of Rio Tinto Alcan